International Mediation Centre (IMC)

The International Mediation Centre constitutes a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is available for all entrepreneurs. Mediation offered by our Centre is a way to reconcile the conflicting interests out of court. Through mediation almost all conflicts can be solved. Professional mediation centres give 80% likelihood to the conflicted parties to reach a successful conclusion.

Mediation consumes approx. 10 times cheaper than long drawn out court trials. An average mediation proceeding lasts a maximum of a couple of weeks. The unique feature of the IMC is the opportunity to conduct a mediation proceeding in many languages both on a national and international level. Mission: facilitating entrepreneurs attending business in Poland and the introduction and promotion of the highest standards of non-judicial dispute resolution in the business. Aim: resolving business disputes through mediation, with the participation of independent, professional mediator, the mediation can take place in different languages appropriate for the business.

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