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The Belgian Business Directory includes valuable information abut the institutional setting, the evolution of trade between Belgium and Poland, as well as a comprehensive list of BBC Members, copmanies, consultants or individuals active on the business scene in Poland.


ProperGate is a web application that brings smart material delivery management to complex construction sites. It turns the manual process of managing internal logistics into a digital one. An optimised one.

ProperGate optimises logistics by providing smart assistance in planning, registering, ordering, scheduling, unloading and reporting material deliveries. It means that trucks don’t queue to be unloaded. They arrive as and when expected, are unloaded in an orderly manner, and then depart again. And all this is highly measurable, as CO2 measurement is an integral part of the system. And what’s more, it’s easy to get buy in from the various players because everyone into the value chain benefits. Investors are able to get their buildings eco-certified, General Contractors reduce costs and finish projects on time. Subcontractors have their materials ready when they need them. And so on.

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IT for Construction Member since 2020
Rafał Grudzień Cybernetyki 4A/44
Warszawa 02-677
00 48 792 337 152


Brussels Airlines is the Belgian airline group that offers the widest choice of flights to and from its base at Brussels Airport.

A fleet of 43 aircraft and about 3500 employees from the Brussels Airlines Group ensure around 300 punctual flights every day, connecting the capital of Europe with more than 60 prime European, African and US airports.

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Transport and Logistics Member since 2010
Monika Gruszczyńska ul. Bielska 28
Warsaw 02-394


To The Next Level (TTNL) has specialised in international employment and international business for over 20 years, with an approach from a legal point of view (social security law, labour law, tax law).

TTNL advises and supports foreign companies doing business with, and in, Belgium by informing them about the social security and tax rules, formalities, subcontracting, risks, sectors and opportunities and by providing administrative support.

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Legal Services Member since 2016
Sigrid Vandebroek Grensstraat 36
Nijlen 2560


BPI Real Estate Poland Sp. z o.o., the property development specialists of the CFE Group, creates, designs and drvelops innovative and high-quality sustainable projects. As well as achieving the specific goals of both the clients and future occupants, BPI Polska also aims to ensure the perfect integration of the projects in their urban environment.

BPI Polska Development takes care of the search for suitable land, the volumetric concept, the design and management of construction and fit-out and also offers legal advice and commercialises the projects.

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Real Estate Member since 2013
Daria Małecka ul. Komitetu Obrony Robotników 48
Warsaw 02-146

Soprema Polska sp.zoo

For years, we have specialized in the production of high-class insulation materials, selling used bituminous products. Our customers can order directly from factories in Poland at competitive purchase prices or local products. We take care of the full availability of the offered products and the shortest delivery times. SOPREMA manufactures a full range of waterproofing and thermal insulation products. SOPREMA waterproofing systems are widely used. The products have been prepared to meet all the challenges posed by modern construction and renovation works.

QUALITY, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT The JBŚN policy of the SOPREMA Group is based on our commitment to corporate social responsibility and consists of three main aspects and priorities that relate to each of them: Firstly, people, the circular economy and building tomorrow, focus on customer satisfaction and the use of the SOPREMA Group's products and services. They also include a vision of the future that aims to envision and propose solutions for sustainable construction. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is an issue that permeates all these aspects. The Group's policy is based on the obligation to protect the natural environment, comply with the law, fulfill obligations regarding compliance and other requirements, as well as continuously improve the integrated management system "Quality, Safety, Natural Environment" (JBŚN).

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Production Member since 2020
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